MTCB MP3 Complete 18-Track Collection

18 tracks of Music to Code By and more are now available in the Music to Flow By app in your app store.

Music to Code By is now also available in the Music to Flow By app in your app store.

You are still welcome to purchase and download the tracks, but the Music to Flow By App has these advantages:

  • The first three tracks, from the original CD, are free in the app
  • Stream tracks to your phone
  • Continuous play with a sleep timer
  • Download the tracks to your phone and play them offline
  • Get access to the entire library, with several new tracks added per year (subscription required)

If you bought the Music to Code By colllection before October 24, 2017, you are eligible for a free 6 month subscription. Check your inbox for an email offer, or email if you qualify, and get the code.

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