Carl's Keto Products

Innovative low-carb products from Carl Franklin featuring Carl's Keto Noodles!

Carl has discovered how to make a real noodle based on 100% animal products that are gluten-free, very low carb (1.5g per 4.8 oz serving), keto, and even carnivore. They stretch like real noodles. They taste like egg noodles. They can be made into spaghetti, linguini, tagliatelle, ravioli, and lasagna.

You can pre-order the cookbook (available July, 2019) or get the recipe RIGHT NOW.

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Pre-Order Carl's Keto Noodle e-Cookbook

Want the noodle recipe along with recipes for amazing dishes? Pre-order Carl's Keto Noodle Cookbook, which you'll be able to download the first weekend in July, after which the price will go up to $25. This is not a physical book.

Get the noodle recipe now!

If you can't wait for the cookbook, you can download Carl's Keto Noodle Recipe right now! You do NOT need to buy this item if you can wait until July. Consider it an "impatience tax" for those who can't wait. This is not a physical book.