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The Pwop Store is featuring tracks from Music to Code By by Carl Franklin. Order the CD and you get the download free. In the cart you'll see the full price, but look at the Total. We discount the CD/Download combination by $18 - the price of the download. Since Music to Code By was published, Carl continues to release approximately one track per month.

Music to Code By works to help you focus. Originally developed for helping software developers, Music to Code By has proven to be great for just about any mental task: work, studying, reading, writing, or just relaxation. 

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Download Bundle #1

Digital Bundle: Music to Code By (original three tracks mp3 and WAV), Been a While (mp3), and Lifeboat to Nowhere (mp3). Download all three albums by Carl Franklin. Does not include Track #4 ("Red").

Music to Code By WAV/MP3 Download

Music to Code By WAV and MP3 files. Original three tracks only. Does not include extra tracks.

MTCB Extra Track #13

Sienna. Published May 10, 2016. 25 Minutes.

MTCB Extra Track #12

Released in February, 2016, this is Chartreuse.

MTCB Extra Track #11

Gold. Published January, 2016. 74 BPM. 25 Minutes.

MTCB Extra Track #10

Published November, 2015, this is Indigo. 70 BPM. 25 Minutes.

MTCB MP3 Complete 13-Track Collection

ONLY $39 for a limited time! All 13 25 minute MP3 tracks in one big download!

MTCB Extra Track #9

New from Carl Franklin in October, 2015, this is Ochre. 70 BMP. 25 Minutes.

MTCB Extra Track #8

Azure. Produced in September, 2015. 60 BPM. 25 Minutes

MTCB Extra Track #7

Recorded in June, 2015, this is track #7. Cyan. 72 BPM. 25 minutes.

MTCB Extra Track #6

Introduced in May, 2015, this is track #6. Purple. 80 BPM. 25 minutes.

MTCB Extra Track #5

Introduced in April, 2015, this is track #5. Green. 75BPM. 25 minutes.

MTCB Extra Track #4

Introduced in March, 2015, this is track #4. Red. 25 minutes. 80BPM with a slight hip-hop shuffle.

Music to Code By Site License

Now your entire team can reap the benefits of Music to Code By. This site license allows you to share the entire collection, including future tracks up to track 25, with up to 100 people in your organization.